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Tiny Gladiators Hack

Tiny Gladiators is a fun action packed mobile game  in which  you engage in RPG. In this game, you have to go into four different regions where you have to fight with powerful enemies that you have to defeat. However, we know that all of us who play this game love gems and coins and we cannot get enough of them. And because you came to our website you can consider yourself one of the luckiest players in the game. The reason for this is that we will show you how our very own tiny gladiators hack. If you...

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Asphalt 8 Airborne Hack

Are you sick and tired of getting better so slowly that you lose interest in the game?   If you are one of the hundreds of million users playing Asphalt 8: Airborne, and statistically speaking there is a pretty good chance that you are, then our guess is that you are looking for a way to get ahead and get the most out of your play experience. so here is our guide on how to use our new asphalt 8 airborne hack! The Solution? If we’re right, you’re in luck! And if somehow we were wrong and you have...

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Boom Beach Cryoneer

If you’re ready to take your Boom Beach game to the next level, we’ve got good news for you! A good commander understands all the tools at their disposal, and while it is important to have a solid overall strategy it is equally important to have a thorough understanding of each of your individual units. Today we’re going to take a look at one of the more complicated, but potentially one of the more powerful, troops available to you in Boom Beach: the Cryoneer. >>Check Out Our Article On How To Get Free Diamonds In Boom Beach Overview   The...

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Boom Beach Grenadier

As a commander, you want to know that you will be able to rely on your troops during the heat of battle. Your best-laid plans and split-second counter maneuvers are not going to count for much if your troops don’t carry them out correctly, right? That said, you may wonder why you would ever want to use the boom beach grenadier at all. Sure, he does good damage, and he really does seem to be trying his very best to contribute to the war effort, but he misses so often that sometimes it can feel like he’s fighting for...

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Boom Beach Heavy

When marching into the line of fire, somebody’s got to take the hit. In Boom Beach, Heavies are more than happy to step up to the plate and catch bullets on behalf of the other troops. As one of the earliest units unlocked in the game, Heavies are the key element in many of the most basic strategies used at all levels of play. Just because they are basic does not necessarily mean they are bad. Quite the opposite: they are considered the standard because they are just so naturally effective. Heavies in front, Riflemen in back is probably...

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