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Coin Master Hack

Coin Master is a fun little mobile game in which you play as a band of vikings with the lofty goal of building the biggest empire that ever was. Sounds good, right? Well, it should be. The gameplay is entertaining and simple and the colorful graphics add a lot of flavor. The problem is that just like most other mobile games out there, the makers of Coin Master try to squeeze you for real money at every turn. They hope to get you to pay by making the game impossible to enjoy if you don’t spend anything.   There...

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Clash Royale Arena 4 Strategy

If you’ve made it all the way to Clash Royale Arena 4, then we know you must be getting pretty serious about the game. We’re right there with you and are here to back you up with some serious decks and advice! So before you go ahead and start your journey to arena 5 in clash royale today we take a look at the best cards for Arena 4.   Introduction   By this point you have unlocked some of the game’s more powerful cards, and you should have a solid grasp on the basic tactics and strategies. Now it’s...

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Subway Surfers Hack

If you love endless runners, or even if you don’t, there’s a good chance you have noticed and tried out Subway Surfers. This intense, high-speed mobile app is perfect for thrill-seekers and gamers of all types, but a lot of people might be turned away by how difficult the game can get as the speed starts to ramp up. The power-ups help, but it’s hard to save up enough gold to make them worthwhile and you often run out just when you need them most. Even more frustrating are the locked boxes you can find here and there. These...

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Best Deck For Arena 5 Clash Royale

As is often the case in Clash Royale, you may find a dramatic shift in the decks and strategies used in Arena 5 compared to Arena 4. What worked before is not going to work now, and the sudden change can be dizzying. Fear not! We’re back with our guide to the best deck and strategy for Clash Royale Arena 5, so get ready to push ahead to ever higher ranks. So what strategy should you take in arena 5? The more cards you have to play with, the more strategies there are available to you, but as always...

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best deck for arena 2

Do you love Clash Royale? Ready to take on the Arena? We’ve got you covered with the best decks and strategies every step of the way! Today we’ll share our deck for arena 2 and get you past this rank in no time. also you can check the giveaway we did for the clash royale hack last week   You may still be in the early stages of the game, but that does not necessarily mean things are going to be easy for you. The tricky thing about getting through the lower ranks is that new players do not have...

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