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Boom Beach Radar

When playing Boom Beach, your Boom Beach Radar is your eyes and your ears. Many players overlook the Radar’s importance, preferring to focus on aspects of the game that actually have to do with the combat itself, but a clever player can take their game to the next level by learning to use this tool. If you are ready to get the most out of your Radar, read on. >>Check Out Our Article On How To Get Free Diamonds In Boom Beach Radar Basics   Basically, upgrading your radar lets you explore new places. First your Radar must be high...

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Boom Beach Scorcher

The Boom Beach Scorcher is one of the more unique units that Boom Beach has to offer, and requires a bit of a unique approach to get full value out of it. The Scorcher itself might look a little ridiculous, especially considering it is literally holding a cigarette lighter in front of the muzzle of it’s gun, but looks can be deceiving and this flame-spewing tank is no exception. As the name implies, the Scorcher attacks with a flamethrower, which is cool enough on its own to make learning how to use the unit more than worth it. >>Check...

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Shadow Fight 3 Hack

The latest installment in the Shadow Fight franchise, Shadow Fight 3, delivers everything players could want from this sort of game. Complete with the classic action of a traditional fighting game and the endless customization of an RPG, Shadow Fight 3 promises hours of fun and interesting surprises that keep every fight fresh. Hack Generator Ironically, our problem with the game actually has to do with its strongest element. Unlike many other fighting games, in which you simply choose a preset character, start a match, and start fighting, Shadow Fight 3 has an expertly designed and fully realized character...

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Boom Beach Tank

When you think war, you probably think Tanks. Nothing is more intimidating than a convoy of massive, heavily-armored, cannon-wielding vehicles crawling over the horizon on all-terrain treads. Boom Beach does a fair job at capturing the essence of what makes Tanks so feared in real war: nothing short of mounted artillery can effectively pierce their iron-plated exteriors, and though they move slowly, they can wipe out infantry from a mile away. Every kid who’s seen a war movie has fantasized about what it must be like to pilot one of these fearsome machines, and now, in Boom Beach, you...

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Boom Beach Armory

When playing Boom Beach, it may be tempting to focus only on the battles themselves and the troops that you use to invade enemy bases, but a lot of what determines how these battles play out happens in the quiet moments when you decide what to build and upgrade in your own base. The Armory in particular determines the power of everything from individual units to your Gunboat’s various special abilities, and a lot of players struggle to figure out what the correct upgrade path is or else just get frustrated by all the numbers and choose upgrades at...

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