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Author: FreeMobileHacks - Admins

How to get gems and coins in Clash Royale for free

Hey guys,  We’re here today with another Tutorial about getting gems for free on the epic game Clash Royale! In Clash Royale, We all love gems, We are collecting them because they will help us win the game! So who doesn’t love gems? Everyone loves them! You are lucky, Because in this tutorial we will show you crazy epic ways to get Clash Royale Gems For free. We will show you methods like: Getting free cheats to win every battle thanks to this clash royale hack Getting gems for free thanks to Clash Royale Glitch Other legit ways to get...

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The Best Cards in Clash Royale (2017 Updated)

Hey guys, a lot of people have been asking what are the best cards in clash royale, so here we are with another tutorial about the best cards in Clash Royale in 2017! Last week we showed you How to get gems for free in Clash Royle and today we are bringing you a brand new tutorial. Comment below and tell us which one is your favorite card, The cards that we pick will be ranked based on our personal opinion, That does not necessarily mean they are the best cards by definition, but for us they are :), And of course, We’re...

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