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The Best Hog Rider Deck

At the end of the day, winning a match in the Clash Royale Arena comes down to pushing towers. There are countless ways to do that – the game probably wouldn’t be very fun if there were not – but one card outshines all others when it comes to smashing towers. Today we will be talking about the hog rider deck. The Hog Rider is the king of pushes, and for good reason. His speed and damage output alone make him an offensive star, but above all is his unique ability to jump back and forth over the river...

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The Best Graveyard Deck

When experimenting with different types of decks in the Clash Royale Arena, a lot of players like to try to build a deck around a favorite unit or maybe a combo of units. One powerful troop can influence the rest of the deck, determining the other cards that are chosen and the way they are played over the course of the game. The Ice Wizard, for example, lends itself to a very different style of play than the Hog Rider. Spells are usually chosen after the fact, used as tools to play to the strengths or cover the weaknesses...

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The Most Powerful Boom Beach Strategy

A great general once said that an army is only as good as the man who leads it. Okay, okay, it was actually Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones who said that, but it’s true, and not just in real life. In Boom Beach, every battle comes down to the careful planning and quick thinking of the army’s leader, or in other words, you.   That can feel like a lot of pressure, especially for the new player. That’s why we decided to put together a solid, step-by-step guide that is guaranteed to make you the best general on...

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Updated Boom Beach Hack

If you’ve played Boom Beach, then you’re familiar with the thrill of crushing your opponent, smashing their base to dust while your troops surge forth to victory. now it will be much easier with our boom beach hack   It’s addictive to say the least, and there is nothing else quite like it, but unfortunately there is another side to that coin. You can’t always win, and losing feels almost as bad as winning feels good. After each victory you want to keep going, to jump right into the next game and prove your military genius again and again....

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Score Hero Hack

If you love soccer, sports, or just great games, you should probably look into Score Hero. This game escaped our notice for some time, and we’ve been kicking ourselves for not picking it up sooner.   Of course, it goes without saying that if you love Score Hero, you will love the amazing Score Hero Hack that we have to share with you today!   As great a game as Score Hero is, it unfortunately is no different from the hordes of free-to-play mobile apps out there in the way it tries to nickel-and-dime your hard-earned savings away into...

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