Do you love Clash Royale? Ready to take on the Arena? We’ve got you covered with the best decks and strategies every step of the way! Today we’ll share our deck for arena 2 and get you past this rank in no time. also you can check the giveaway we did for the clash royale hack last week


You may still be in the early stages of the game, but that does not necessarily mean things are going to be easy for you. The tricky thing about getting through the lower ranks is that new players do not have access to as many cards as more experienced players, and do not always have the tools they need for a given situation. The best way to get past Arena 2, in our opinion, is to keep it simple and stick with what you know. There is plenty of time to mess around with fancy combos and pricey cards at the higher levels of play, but for now you want to pick a basic strategy and master it.


There are 6 new cards up for grabs in Arena 2: Skeletons, Minions, Tombstone, Bomb Tower, Giant Skeleton, and Balloon.


Unlocked Cards




Weak but fast, Skeletons can be used to swarm slow targets such as a Prince or Giant. Skeletons usually are not strong enough to take down these targets on their own, but they are quick enough that you can bring them in to take down a distracted foe.




Another group of weak but fast swarmers, with the added bonus of being able to fly. Minions can do a surprising amount of damage if they are able to attack a target freely, but without support they will not survive long.




A building that creates wave after wave of Skeletons. It even spawns a final set of Skeletons when it is destroyed. Due to its very low health the Tombstone is best used for defense, and works well when placed behind a tower.


Bomb Tower


Rather than spawning troops, this building throws bombs at enemies that get close. The bombs do area damage and wreak havoc on swarmers such as Skeletons, but are not able to target air units. Best used defensively and supported with other cards that can make up for its weak points.


Giant Skeleton


A large, slow unit similar in some respects to a regular Giant. There are two key differences: a Giant Skeleton will attack troops as well as buildings, and the Giant Skeleton does most of its damage when it dies. Upon its death, it will drop a huge bomb that does massive damage to everything in the area.




Flying units with high health that deal a lot of damage to buildings. Like the Giant Skeleton, the Balloon goes out with a bang, crashing and dealing area damage after it is killed. Great for taking out towers and able to turn the tide of the game if not countered right away.


The Best Deck for Arena 2


As we noted earlier, at this stage of the game you want to keep it simple. If you can master a basic strategy with a solid deck, you will plow through opponents toying with forces they do not understand. To this end, our Arena 2 deck includes Archers, Prince, Baby Dragon, Valkyrie, Fireball, Skeleton Army, Knight, and Spear Goblins.


Archers – Strong defense and able to fight both ground and air units.


Prince – Easily one of the best cards in the game when it comes to taking out towers, and a solid offensive unit in general.


Baby Dragon – Flies and does splash damage, making it ideal for demolishing swarmers, which you will see a lot of at this level.


Valkyrie – A powerful yet easy to use card for new players. Back her up with archers and spear goblins to wreck the other player’s army.


Fireball – Another good card for taking out swarmers. If your opponent plays a strong card like a Prince or Giant and supports it with a lot of little units, a well-timed Fireball can clear the way and leave the big unit vulnerable.


Skeleton Army – Always a good idea to have some swarmers of your own. At this stage of the game, the main use for your Skeleton Army is overwhelming your opponent’s Prince.


Knight – A solid defense unit, useful for countering big threats like a Witch or a Giant.


Spear Goblins – A staple in any deck, these little guys are a cheap counter to flying units and come in handy when defending towers.