As is often the case in Clash Royale, you may find a dramatic shift in the decks and strategies used in Arena 5 compared to Arena 4. What worked before is not going to work now, and the sudden change can be dizzying. Fear not! We’re back with our guide to the best deck and strategy for Clash Royale Arena 5, so get ready to push ahead to ever higher ranks.

So what strategy should you take in arena 5?

The more cards you have to play with, the more strategies there are available to you, but as always the same goes for your opponent. You have to learn to expect anything at this level of play. Ironically, that means that sometimes simple can be best. Rather than overcommitting to any method of play, you may want to consider a well-balanced deck that is prepared for any situation. Playing reactively is key here: hold back and try to counter each force the other player throws at you. Then, when they finally run out of steam, you need to be ready to jump right in and punish them for the holes in their defenses. Biding your time and waiting for the right moment to strike can feel counterintuitive to new players, but remember that patience and timing are what separate the amateurs from the masters.


There are a whopping 8 cards just waiting to be unlocked in Arena 5: Graveyard, Poison Spell, Ice Wizard, Fire Spirits, Furnace, Mirror, Zap, and Wizard.


Unlocked Cards



A spell that spawns a number of Skeletons wherever you cast it. That’s right, you can use Graveyard to place Skeletons anywhere on the map. The skeletons emerge one at a time, so as with most spells execution is critical. If you place it poorly the enemy can pick the Skeletons off as they spawn, but if you distract the enemy army first, you can summon a devastating horde to sow destruction behind enemy lines.


Poison Spell

A cheap and low-damage spell. You should never rely on the Poison Spell alone to take down an enemy army, but when used wisely it can easily turn the tide of a close melee.


Ice Wizard

The Ice Wizard’s attacks not only deal high damage but also slow down troops’ movement speed. Since he can attack from range, he is able to stop enemies from even getting close enough to harm him.


Fire Spirits

Weak but fast swarmers that deal splash damage. This gives them the edge when they face off against other similar swarmers. They are also extremely cheap.



A building that spawns Fire Spirits. A little pricey, but if played right you can get plenty of value out of this card to make up for its cost. As noted above, the Fire Spirits that emerge from the Furnace are an excellent counter to enemy swarms.



The Mirror is not the easiest card to use, but if you made it to Arena 5 then you should be able to handle it. The Mirror lets you play the last card you played a second time for a slightly increased cost, which opens the door for a whole range of combos.



A cheap card that can win games in the hands of a particularly skilled player. Zap does not deal very much damage, but that isn’t the point. Its power comes from the ability to stun enemy troops for a short time. That might not seem like a lot, but at high levels of play a handful of seconds makes all the difference.



Not quite as fancy as the Ice Wizard, but still a useful guy to have around. The Wizard works best when used as support, especially for a strong unit like a Giant.


The Best Deck for Arena 5


This deck gets back to basics. Your strategy centers around a single powerful game-winning combo, using the rest of your cards for support or to counter the opponent’s strategy. Our chosen deck for Clash Royale Arena 5 consists of Prince, Hog Rider, Lightning, Wizard, Bomber, Fireball, Barbarians, and Spear Goblins.


Prince – The first half of your game-winning combo. High health, high damage, good defense, and good offense.

Hog Rider – The other half of your game-winning combo. Send a Prince an Hog Rider in together to take out your opponent’s towers and win the game.

Lightning – A relatively cheap spell with enough damage to counter your opponent’s swarmers. Use for defense, or to give your Prince and Hog Rider and extra push when on the offense.

Wizard – Good support for your Prince and Hog Rider, useful in a variety of situations.

Bomber – Deals a solid amount of splash damage. Send him wherever the other player sends swarmers.

Fireball – Like Lightning, this is a situational spell that you should hold onto until you really need it. Unleash it at the right time to wipe out a whole army.

Barbarians – These will probably be your main defense. If your opponent tries to use the Prince and Hog Rider combo against you, Barbarians are the answer.

Spear Goblins – Solid troops for any deck. You can put these guys wherever they’re needed, shoring up your defenses or joining the attack.