A few days ago, we gave you guys a deck guide for Clash Royale Arena 6, but not all of you are there yet. Today we have a guide to help you out with Arena 3 and get you climbing up those ranks!

Getting to Arena 3 is a good start, so give yourself a pat on the back. Then buckle down. Things are about to get a bit tougher, and you need to make both your deck and your plays with care. Starting at the next level, you can get pushed back to an earlier rank when you lose. That means a player might make it all the way up to Arena 7 and then fall back to Arena 3. You may end up facing players with a lot more experience and more complicated decks than you are used.

You can unlock 6 new cards in Arena 3: the barbarian, barbarian hut, cannon, rage, rocket, and x-bow!



Barbarians are possibly the strongest defense troops in the game, and they are almost as good at offense. Great for rushing towers and charging through enemy troops. Of all the cards you unlock at this level, this is the one you will probably keep using the most.

Barbarian Hut

Sends out waves of barbarians which can overwhelm your enemies, but needs to be played with care. The timing and placement of a Hut can win or lose a game. Make sure your hut is safe from attack, but not too far from the fray: you want your Barbarians to get in on the fight before the fight is over.


A powerful defensive building which can take out weaker troops before they even get close. A no-brainer for guarding your towers.


Rage makes your troops move faster and attack faster. It is cheap enough to use at the start of the game, but keeps its edge all the way to the end.



There is no card in the arena that does more damage than the Rocket. Great for taking down a tower or strong troops, but at a very high cost.



Like the rocket, the X-Bow is good for doing a lot of damage to big targets. Easy to counter, but still useful in some cases.


You can encounter a lot of different strategies at this level, so the best way to play is to mix it up and give yourself a lot of options. We suggest Spear Goblin, Barbarians, Goblin Hut, Prince, Goblins, Witch, Baby Dragon, and Giant.

Spear Goblin – Fast, cheap, and good in a wide range of situations. Combine a group of Spear Goblins with a Witch and a Giant to crush your opponent’s towers.

Barbarians – Strong tanks that can quickly go from defending to attacking. Use them any time you need to win a fight.

Goblin Hut – Put a Hut behind one of your towers for a very strong defense. Great for defending a lane while attacking other lanes.

Prince – Very high damage when attacking. Send him in when you need to take out your foe’s towers.

Goblins – They may not be the toughest card in your deck, but Goblins can deal a surprising amount of damage if not dealt with quickly.

Witch – A useful card with unique abilities. Always pair her with other troops to get the most value.

Baby Dragon – A flying tank that can obliterate any swarms the other player sends your way.

Giant – A giant can take down a tower all alone if it needs to. Just remember to keep it safe from swarms with a Witch or Baby Dragon.