When playing Boom Beach, it may be tempting to focus only on the battles themselves and the troops that you use to invade enemy bases, but a lot of what determines how these battles play out happens in the quiet moments when you decide what to build and upgrade in your own base.

The Armory in particular determines the power of everything from individual units to your Gunboat’s various special abilities, and a lot of players struggle to figure out what the correct upgrade path is or else just get frustrated by all the numbers and choose upgrades at random, if you missed our post on how to get free diamonds using this boom beach hack check it out beforehand.

Once you figure out a good approach, however, the Armory can actually be a lot of fun. It lets you pick and choose what upgrades are important to you and which ones you could live without, which units you want to use more and ultimately which strategies you can employ when attacking or defending.

In a way, it’s actually a lot like creating a combat style in a fighting game. It’s something unique to you, and whether you win or lose at least you will know that you did it in your own way.


Armory Basics

The Armory is a building used to upgrade your troops, the weapons of your Gunboat, and mines. Upgrades cost gold and take a certain amount of time, although they do not require any Villagers.

Only one upgrade can be made at a time, and you cannot upgrade the Armory itself while the Armory is upgrading something else. That would be Upgradeception, and that’s just ridiculous.


Upgrading Principles


While a lot comes down to personal choice when deciding what to upgrade when, there are a few good rules of thumb to get you started. Many players would recommend to upgrade Artillery and Barrage before all else, since you will probably use these in every single invasion and therefore you will get the maximum possible use out of these upgrades and not have to worry about wasting your time and resources on something you won’t end up needing.

If you aren’t using at least Artillery in every invasion, you should be: fire it off before even landing your troops to take out defenses before they have a chance to do any damage themselves. Barrage is not as key to as many battles as Artillery is, but you should still find yourself using it pretty often.


As for troops, there are two schools of thought on this. Some players like to distribute their upgrades fairly evenly, giving them access to a wide range of strategies and allowing them to play around with various troop combinations. Most, however, would probably recommend that you just focus on one or two particular troops, at least at first.

Spreading your upgrades out does give you access to a variety of play styles, but they will be a variety of weak play styles. Pick a favorite troop combination and max it out. Not only will the upgrades make it powerful, but by playing it exclusively you will quickly master its quirks and start demolishing base after base with it.


Finally, Medkits and Shock Bombs should be a lower priority than troops, but a higher priority than Mines. Mines are a useful part of any defensive strategy, but Medkits and Shock Bombs are more likely to turn the tide of an invasion than Mines are.

Also, the power of Medkits and Shock Bombs depends on your ability to use them, and by practicing you can get a whole lot of value out of these upgrades. On the other hand, the power of your Mines depend on your opponent: if they are able to circumvent them, then your upgrades won’t count for much.