If you’re ready to take your Boom Beach game to the next level, we’ve got good news for you! A good commander understands all the tools at their disposal, and while it is important to have a solid overall strategy it is equally important to have a thorough understanding of each of your individual units.

Today we’re going to take a look at one of the more complicated, but potentially one of the more powerful, troops available to you in Boom Beach: the Cryoneer.

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The Cryoneer attacks with freeze beams from medium range. These beams do not deal damage to troops, but they do slow them down. They do deal a small amount of damage to buildings, and reduce the firing rate of turrets by 50%. Keep in mind that your own troops are affected if hit by the ice beam.


When attacking with Cryoneers, you should focus on locking down enemy turrets, which will cut incoming damage down by a huge number and keep your army alive much longer. In most cases, freezing defenses with a Cryoneer will actually reduce damage taken by a far greater amount than the number that a medic could heal. Of course, Cryoneers themselves are pretty fragile and deal next to no damage, so make sure the rest of your army can make up for that.


If you find yourself defending against Cryoneers, try to take them out first. They’re weak enough that a hit or two from a Cannon or Rocket Launcher should take care of them, and preventing your defenses from getting frozen will mean they dish out a lot more damage in the long run. Also, if your opponent is using Cryoneers try to spread your defenses out as much as possible so they cannot all be frozen at once.




The most powerful strategy involving the Cryoneer, and possibly one of the most powerful strategies in the game, is the Heavy, Zooka, Cryoneer combo.

Opinions vary on the exact optimal makeup of your army when using this strategy, and on experimenting with it for yourself you will probably discover a variation of your own that you are most comfortable with, but a composition with 2 Cryoneers, 3 Heavies, and 3 Zookas is a great place to start. We have also found success replacing one of the Heavies with a Medic; we will go over the pros and cons of both approaches in a bit.


This combination of troops is a natural fit since each unit compensates for the others’ weaknesses and plays well on their strengths. The Heavies, as if often the case in Boom Beach, serve as meat shields, taking the brunt of the damage so more fragile or more valuable troops can stay in relative safety behind them.

Meanwhile, your Zookas will be your main damage dealers. They should focus on eliminating the opponent’s defenses while your Cryoneers have them locked down. Meanwhile, keep your Cryoneers spread out as much as possible, both so that they can freeze the maximum number of targets and so that they will not all be taken out at once by a single area attack.


There are a couple things to keep in mind when using this strategy. First of all, expect your enemy to be smart enough to try to take down your high-value troops first.

No matter how many Heavies you use to protect them, you should not expect your Cryoneers to last very long so get the most use out of them while you can.

This is why some players choose to supplement their Cryoneers with Medics.

However, seeing as many of your opponent’s defenses will be able to kill a Cryoneer in a single hit, provided they are high enough level, a Medic won’t accomplish much in these situations.

Secondly, the Cryoneer has a high movement speed and range compared to many other troops, meaning it can sometimes be tricky to keep your army in the formation you want them in.

Positioning is especially important with Cryoneers given that they can freeze your own troops. Many strategies that use Heavies at first will later replace these units with Tanks, but due to their high movement and range Cryoneers tend not to work very well with Tanks so make sure you stick to Heavies.