When playing Boom Beach, your Boom Beach Radar is your eyes and your ears. Many players overlook the Radar’s importance, preferring to focus on aspects of the game that actually have to do with the combat itself, but a clever player can take their game to the next level by learning to use this tool. If you are ready to get the most out of your Radar, read on.

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Radar Basics


Basically, upgrading your radar lets you explore new places. First your Radar must be high enough level for you to see a new part of the Archipelago, then you must pay a certain amount of gold to unlock it.

A higher-level Radar also allows you to have more opponents on your map, and simultaneously causes your base to appear on more players’ maps.


Benefits of Upgrading Your Radar


Players tend to neglect their Radar in favor of other upgrades which they perceive to be more useful or more fun, because they do not realize how much the Radar can actually do for them at higher levels. If you do not upgrade it, you remain confined to a very small area around your base. By expanding this area and discovering more bases, you gain access to more and more opportunities to earn gold and experience. Seeing as many features of the game are locked behind your character level, gaining access to more ways to earn XP is crucial.


A simple way to look at it is that upgrading your Radar is like buying more money, resources, and time. Maybe not exactly like that because you still have to work to actually get the money, but you are certainly buying the potential for more money. In addition, the extra resources you collect mean that you can upgrade the rest of your base and train more troops faster than you otherwise would be able to, which means you can then fight and win even more battles, which means more money and resources, creating an endless positive feedback loop with the end result of you experiencing unprecedented financial growth! Finally, you really are buying more time when you upgrade the Radar. Boom Beach uses time gates to force players to wait before making advancements in the game, and one of these gates is the mechanic that determines how often enemy bases will appear on your map. The larger map size granted by your Radar means you will be able to see and invade more bases total, so you will not have to wait as long to reach the higher levels of the game.


Radar Upgrade Strategy


The rule, then, for upgrading your Radar is this: upgrade it as early and as often as possible! Sure, a rule that hard and fast is not always feasible in practice, but when you are deciding what to improve or buy next it should always at least be a consideration. Remember, the power of the enemy bases that appear on your map is based on your own character level and victory points, and therefore should always be roughly balanced with your power level.

You may feel as if your are falling behind by upgrading your Radar instead of your troops and your combat capabilities, but really, your enemies will not be getting stronger if you are not getting stronger.

Your options, then, are really to either upgrade your army and use your strong forces to fight other strong forces in a small area of the map, or upgrade your Radar and then use your weak forces to fight other weak forces all across the map. Using the second option, you will amass more money and resources in the long run, and that is the way to truly get ahead.