A great general once said that an army is only as good as the man who leads it. Okay, okay, it was actually Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones who said that, but it’s true, and not just in real life. In Boom Beach, every battle comes down to the careful planning and quick thinking of the army’s leader, or in other words, you.


That can feel like a lot of pressure, especially for the new player. That’s why we decided to put together a solid, step-by-step guide that is guaranteed to make you the best general on any battlefield. Read our guide to Boom Beach strategy and soon enough, people will be quoting your military wisdom.


Note that this is an offensive, rather than defensive, Boom Beach strategy. last week we gave away this boom beach hack to our readers if you have not seen it yet, now lets get into the strategy.




The first step to winning battles is building a winning army. If your forces are better than what they have to go up against then you will have the edge from the outset without doing anything else. That takes some of the pressure off of you during the rest of the game, and means you can still pull through if you make a mistake here or there.


Riflemen are powerful in large groups, and due to their short training time they are easy to replace. A good mix of riflemen and medics can usually overrun an enemy base, but watch out for defenses that deal area damage.


Heavies are slow and don’t do a ton of damage on their own, but they can take a lot of hits and keep on going. Use them to protect your more valuable troops until they can get into position.


Zookas can deal out insane amounts of damage and can do so from a pretty decent distance. The downside is they drop like flies under enemy fire, so keep them out of the fray at all costs.


Warriors are fast and very good at not dying. They may not be able to attack from range, but they can weave through enemy positions to get to where they need to be. Don’t rely on them to be your main fighting force. Instead, use them to take out key, high-value targets, like zookas or the enemy headquarters.


Tanks are the perfect tool for wrecking enemy bases, but they are slower than you would believe is possible. In other words, you have to protect and support them with other troops if you want them to even make it across the battlefield.


Medics don’t do any damage, but the healing they provide is invaluable. No matter what the rest of your army looks like, it’s usually a good idea to have some medics to keep the rest of the troops alive.


Grenadiers deal long-range area damage, but are not very accurate. Only really useful in specific situations.


Scorchers are expensive but worth it. Not only can they cover your other troops, but they dish out a solid amount of damage in their own right.


Cryoneers work well in the right situation. They’re very effective at disabling enemy defenses, but need to be protected by tougher troops.



Using the right troops will make you good. Using troops the right way will make you a master.

The most basic element of a good strategy is knowing which troops can take a hit. It’s okay to let heavies and scorchers charge ahead into enemy fire, but you need to protect your zookas and cryoneers or else you’re just going to waste them. For new players, a simple yet powerful trick is to send in a wall of heavies followed by a handful of zookas.


An alternative to playing it safe is to just swarm your opponent and hope for the best. You can sometimes overwhelm the enemy by building up a horde of rifle men and sending them straight in. Since they’re so easy to replace, you don’t have to be concerned about losing them. This Boom Beach strategy has an obvious kryptonite, though: if the enemy base has defenses which deal area damage, your riflemen don’t stand a chance.


A more advanced but rather risky strategy is to take out the enemy headquarters right away. That’s the point of the game, after all. The most straightforward way to do this is with a team of warriors, which can use smoke screens and shock bombs to hopefully stay alive long enough to win the game. It takes a fair amount of skill to pull this off and you have to know which buildings to shock, but the reward is a quick, satisfying victory under your belt.




No matter how you build and use your army, the gunship is an important and powerful part of any strategy. In the right hands, the gunship’s abilities make or break games.


The first thing you need to know about the gunship is that it can damage your own troops if you are not careful. For that and other reasons it is often a good plan to use the gunship to barrage the enemy base before you deploy any of your troops.


You should also get good at using the gunship’s flare. This ability guides your troops to a certain point on the battlefield, allowing you to focus your assault where your enemy is weakest.