When you think war, you probably think Tanks. Nothing is more intimidating than a convoy of massive, heavily-armored, cannon-wielding vehicles crawling over the horizon on all-terrain treads.

Boom Beach does a fair job at capturing the essence of what makes Tanks so feared in real war: nothing short of mounted artillery can effectively pierce their iron-plated exteriors, and though they move slowly, they can wipe out infantry from a mile away.

Every kid who’s seen a war movie has fantasized about what it must be like to pilot one of these fearsome machines, and now, in Boom Beach, you have your chance to do just that.

Only, you aren’t limited to just one! Read our Tank guide below and make that inner child in you scream with delight as you roll casually over your enemies, oblivious to the bullets raining down on you.

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Tanks are literally the slowest-moving unit in the game, but they more than make up for that with their high damage and their massive pool of health. Their range is pretty decent as well, so they don’t need to bother getting too close to their enemies most of the time anyway.

Including them in your army can be a little expensive, but you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth when they survive damage that would have killed a handful of lesser troops.


Attacking with large numbers of Tanks almost guarantees that your invasion will not be repelled, as there is not much that can dish out that sheer amount of damage. For this reason, Tanks and Medics make a particularly great combination. Tanks already outlive most other units, but backed up by a team of Medics they might as well live forever.

They also are known to pair well with Grenadiers, as these two units compensate well for each other’s weaknesses. Watch out for mines when attacking with tanks, as they are the one thing that really counters them. Either use flares to skillfully guide your tanks along a safer route or try to trigger the mines in other ways, such as with a Grenadier’s attacks.


On defense, the best tool in your arsenal for dealing with Tanks is the time limit. You probably will not be able to kill all the tanks before they demolish your base, but in turn they are slow enough that they may not be able to demolish your base before the clock simply runs out and you emerge victorious.

Shock Launchers come in handy to slow Tanks down even further, and using mines will force them to expend yet more time searching for or clearing a safe path.

Of course, the farther back your Headquarters is in your base, the better chance you have of surviving the battle. Also, unlike in many matchups where you want to use your economy and support buildings as a buffer for your defensive structures, if you are going up against Tanks you are actually better off protecting these buildings at all costs. Starving your opponent for gunboat energy will render their Tanks far less powerful.




As mentioned above, the classic combo involving Tanks is an army of Tanks and Medics. There are differing opinions on which exact number of Medics is the absolute best, but any less than 2 is not effective at all and if you use too many you will not have enough damage to destroy the enemy base in time, so play around with it and try to find something you like.

This army composition goes up particularly well against Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns. When maneuvering your troops, keep in mind that the Medics will not follow your flares but rather they will stick close by the Tanks they are healing.


When making your attack, try to shock enemy defensive structures like Cannons at the exact same time your Tanks come within range of them, allowing you to deal more damage while receiving less and conserving your Tanks for a longer period of time.

Make sure you use flares to ensure the Tanks are attacking the stunned turret rather than ignoring it and giving it a chance to recover.