If you’ve made it all the way to Clash Royale Arena 4, then we know you must be getting pretty serious about the game. We’re right there with you and are here to back you up with some serious decks and advice! So before you go ahead and start your journey to arena 5 in clash royale today we take a look at the best cards for Arena 4.




By this point you have unlocked some of the game’s more powerful cards, and you should have a solid grasp on the basic tactics and strategies. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. Remember, it is not just what cards you play that make the difference, but how and when and where you play them. A well-timed spell, for example, can take out your opponent’s whole army before they even get a chance to attack…but if you are not careful with how you deploy your own units, the exact same thing can happen to you! We put together a deck that should give you a strong start, along with some tips and tricks to push you through to victory and get you to the next rank.


You can unlock 8 new cards in Arena 4: Tesla, Minion Horde, Inferno Tower, Hog Rider, Freeze, P.E.K.K.A., Inferno Dragon, and Lava Hound.


Unlocked Cards



Defensive building that becomes invulnerable when it is not attacking. This means you can fortify your defenses with a Tesla without having to worry about it being taken down from afar by enemy spells. Keep in mind however that it can be frozen while underground, allowing clever opponents to bypass your defenses and head straight for your towers.


Minion Horde

A whole horde of fast, flying swarmers. Great for defense or for supporting high value units such as Giants. Playing a Minion Horde is always a risk, though: they are pricey and can be instantly wiped out by a much cheaper spell such as Arrows or a Fireball.


Inferno Tower

Another defensive building, and one that is much more suited to taking down big targets like Giants. The damage done by an Inferno Tower goes up the longer it attacks, meaning it deals very low damage to swarmers but very high damage if it can focus on a single enemy.


Hog Rider

One of the best cards in the game and the only unit that is able to jump over the river in the middle of the map. This unique ability, combined with his solid health and damage, make the hog rider ideal for pushing into your opponent’s base and knocking down towers.



Does exactly what you think it would, freezing troops and buildings so that they can neither move nor attack for a set amount of time. Two main uses for this card: freeze a bunch of troops in place and then take them out with splash damage, or freeze the enemy defenses and simply walk around them on your way to destroy a tower.



Very expensive, very tough, and very high damage. She is usually the single most powerful unit in the arena at any given time, but playing her is a bit of a commitment so timing is crucial here. Keep in mind that she is unable to attack air and therefore especially vulnerable to flying swarmers.


Inferno Dragon

Just like the tower of the same name, the damage done by the Inferno Dragon goes up over time. This makes it ideal for taking down big targets, especially big targets that are not able to attack air units. A single Inferno Dragon can pulverize an enemy tower.


Lava Hound

You would not guess from the name, but Lava Hounds can fly. They also explode into 6 little Lava Pups when they die, which comes in handy. Neither the Lava Hound nor the Lava Pups tend to survive long on their own, however, so it is crucial to support them with other troops that can take a hit or two.


The Best Deck for Arena 4


Without further ado, we present the best deck for Clash Royale Arena 4: Spear Goblins, Barbarians, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Bomber, Zap, Witch, Baby Dragon, and Giant Skeleton.


Spear Goblins – Good card for any deck, solid when defending against ground or air.


Barbarians – More solid defense, great for countering strong targets like Giants or Princes.


Mini P.E.K.K.A. – Similar to Barbarians as a defender. Barbarians can defend one tower while Mini P.E.K.K.A. defends another.


Bomber – Adds some much-needed splash damage to your deck. Pair with single target troops to cover all your bases.


Zap – A cheap and efficient way to take out enemy swarmers.


Witch – More splash damage and a great team player. Match with Barbarians for an unbreakable defense.


Baby Dragon – Good for offense or defense. Place it wherever you need it most.


Giant Skeleton – Another great defense against swarmers