Want to be the best Fruit Ninja in town? Are your friends always beating your high scores and making you feel like more of a Fruit Peasant? We know how that feels. To tell you the truth, as much as we love the game we were never any good at it ourselves. Not until we discovered how to hack the game, that is!

Today we want to share with you the secrets that let us dominate the game and made all our friends weep for their shattered high scores. We have two ways for you to break the game, and both work on any device whether iOS or Android, so no need to worry about that.

Fruit Ninja Hack For Unblockables

How can you be a real ninja without any decent ninja weapons? There are a lot of cool swords and dojos you can use in the game, but to get them you need to sink half the balance of your bank account into the app or waste your time unlocking them. They make you do a lot of funky things, like getting a score of exactly 234 or slicing nothing but strawberries when playing in arcade mode.

I know what you probably want to say to me right now: none of these things you can buy or unlock actually help you get a high score in the game, they’re just nice to look at. True, but that is not all our hack gets you. Just think of it as a pretty bonus!

The real treat and the reason we love this hack is that it lets you get access to all the secret unlockables that the game’s developers never wanted you to see. When they made the game, they put in a handful of secret weapons to make it easier for them to test it, and our hack gives you all of them in addition to all the ones you can buy or unlock normally! These swords are wider and make cut fruit in a wide area around your finger. Some our so wide that you can pretty much just leave your finger anywhere on the screen and still get all the fruit! There are also swords which give you more points for every fruit – up to 1000 times the normal point value.

Excited? You should be. Just click the link below and all this is yours!

Hack It Now!

Fruit Ninja Cheat To Get A High Score

We love the hack above because it gives you a lot of cool toys to play with. A lot of the items have really cool art and are just plain fun, but you never get to see them unless you pay or go to the trouble of unlocking them. Of course, you also get the secret developer swords, which take your play experience to a whole new level!

But even with the crazy powers you get from the hack, it still takes time and effort to get the score you want. We know that some of you want to crush your friends but just do not have the time to waste on the game. You’re busy, we get it! Our fans our interesting people with a lot to do in their lives, so instead of settling for the unlockables hack we made sure we got this cheat for you too.

This one is really simple. All you have to do is click on the link below. Then, you literally just type in the high score you want – and the cheat makes it real! Crazy, right? You technically can use it without even having the app on your device. If you want to you can beat your friends’ scores without even playing the game!

Hack It Now!

The only downside is all this cheat gets you is the high score. That means no unlockables or items. Luckily you can use both the unlockables hat and the high score cheat, and we highly recommend that you do! Get the score you want first, then have fun playing with all your brand new swords.

Hope you enjoy these tricks as much as we do!

Guys we hope you enjoyed the fruit ninja hack as much as we did and for those who didn’t have the chance until now we have refreshed the fruit ninja hack and updated it for 2017,

and now if you go into the hack you can still make it work, it does not even matter if you are after unblockables or a higher score, both can be achieved through the fruit ninja hack, just sign in your in-game name and type the amount of resources you are interested in and voila! you got it! as easy as that.

comment below what you think about the new update to the hack! we want to hear your opinion!