The most common method of putting together a deck for the Clash Royale Arena is to choose a powerful minion or two and then pick the rest of your cards accordingly, supporting your Prince or Hog Rider or whatever with cheaper troops or appropriate spells or building. Rarer is to build a deck working with a spell as the centerpiece, and even rarer still is to focus a deck around a building card.

This is not because a deck based on a building is necessarily going to be bad. For the most part, it is just that the idea is counterintuitive. After all, a building just kind of sits there doing what it does, right? How do you center your whole strategy around that?

Well, today we want to show you how you not only can do just that, but how you can do just that with a powerful deck that will catch even experienced opponents off-guard with your fresh and surprising strategy. To that end, we present our Furnace deck, a deck that will send you victory after victory like endless waves of Fire Spirits!

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The Furnace


The Furnace may be a building that spits out troops, but it would be a huge mistake to look at it as just another troop card. There are several key differences, the most prominent of which is that you do not get all your units at once and that once you place your Furnace, the times at which your troops are created is not up to you.

The Furnace spawns Fire Spirits once every ten seconds, meaning if you are not careful you may find yourself without any Fire Spirits at all just when they could have made a world of difference. Another factor to consider is that since the Fire Spirits emerge in waves over time, you will have access to these units throughout the course of the game.

If you play a pack of Goblins you probably won’t expect them to stick around too long, and once the last of them bites the dust your strategy will change accordingly depending on what troops you have still alive. When you play the Furnace, however, you should be prepared to incorporate Fire Spirits into your game plan every step of the way.



One of the most straightforward uses for any spawning building, including the Furnace, is to just set it and forget it, letting wave after wave of Fire Spirits chip away at your opponent’s defenses. They may not do a whole lot on their own, but a little bit of damage here and there will add up over the course of the game. Better yet, once you play a Furnace, you don’t have to devote any more time, attention, or elixirs to keep the Fire Spirits coming.

On the other hand, your opponent will have to keep his guard up constantly if he does not want Fire Spirits running wild through his base, and what starts off as a mere nuisance can quickly escalate into an expensive and game-altering distraction.


The Cards


If the Furnace is the heart of our deck, then the bones and muscle would be Mirror, P.E.K.K.A., Spear Goblins, Zap, Elixir Collector, Baby Dragon, and Fire Spirits.


Furnace – As the focus of this deck, the placement of your Furnace throughout the game will be the main component of your strategy. More specifically, its role is to either defend your towers or attack the enemy towers. If you are going to be attacked, put in front of your tower so that the enemy army will have to fight past not only the Fire Spirits but also the building itself before they can damage your tower. When you are ready to attack, place it behind your tower so it can spawn troops in safety, and if possible hold off on playing it until after you deploy P.E.K.K.A.


Mirror – A powerful trick in the early stages of the game is to use your Mirror to clone your Elixir Collector, allowing you to pull ahead in the resource game. When attacking, you’ll want to save it to duplicate whichever troops you need more of, given the situation.


P.E.K.K.A – If the Furnace is the burning heart of this deck, then P.E.K.K.A. is both of its fists and many one of its feet besides. As powerful as this card is, it is way too expensive to risk letting it fall too fast, so ideally you should hold it back until you can support it with a Furnace and some other troops.


Spear Goblins – Spear Goblins are very reliable defense and are not too shabby when attacking either. Though they will never be your main offense, they can deal a respectable amount of damage to a tower when they need to.


Zap – Zap is one of those cards that will never have specific rules for when to play it. With time and practice you will get a feel for when it is most valuable, and you should experiment with the different ways you can use it: a little extra damage, a quick stun, or a piece of a larger combo.


Elixir Collector – This building card, like the Furnace, will be a key part of your strategy each match when you play this deck. The Elixir Collector lets you build a slow elixir advantage over your opponent, which is crucial when the time comes for a final push at the end of the game.


Baby Dragon – P.E.K.K.A. accounts for most of this deck’s offensive power, while the Baby Dragon serves as a good counter to pretty much any troop that might slow P.E.K.K.A. down.


Fire Spirits – How do you round out a deck built on a building that spawns Fire Spirits? More Fire Spirits, of course! Like the Furnace, this card is equally viable when used for offensive or defensive purposes.




This Furnace deck turns a Clash Royale Arena match into a war of attrition. A lot of strategies aim to win with one or two key plays, such as charging in with a Prince and a Hog Rider or locking the enemy down with an Ice Wizard and a Zap spell. This deck is different in that there usually will not be a single moment you can point to as the moment that the game turned in your favor. Instead, your victory is sealed in bits and pieces, as you wear down your opponent’s resources while stockpiling your own.


On the surface, this deck uses a basic defensive strategy. You build up an army of defenders and make smart plays to survive enemy attacks. That is an important part of it, but what sets this deck apart are its buildings. You want to play your Furnace and Elixir Collector as early and as often as possible, and keep them alive at all costs. The steady stream of Fire Spirits nipping at your opponent’s base will slowly sap their defenses and force them to spend resources defending their base. Meanwhile, you are amassing elixirs of your own. By the time P.E.K.K.A. marches on the enemy Crown Tower, victory should already be sealed.