In Gangstar Vegas, only the strong survive. To be the best in the game, though, it is not enough to just be strong. You have to be smart, too! As they say, knowledge is power, and if your goal is to be the most powerful gangster on the streets of Las Vegas than you will not want to miss these 5 crucial Gangstar Vegas tips that we have for you today.


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Know How to Use Your Map


This one sounds pretty obvious. If you need to know where you’re going, you open the map and take a look, right? Well, yeah, but what you may not know is how much more than that you can do with the map screen. Probably the most important feature of the map is that you can access the in-game shop directly from the map screen, which means you can use it to buy items even if you are in the middle of a mission. Which will probably come in handy, since you will pretty much always find yourself needing more ammo, armor, and med kits. The other thing you should know about your map is that you can use it to start a mission no matter where you are. Don’t waste your time driving across the city to a mission’s start point – just open your map and be there instantly!


Know How Not to Use Cover


This is one of our more counterintuitive Gangstar Vegas tips. If you play a lot of first-person shooters, you are familiar with the concept of cover and used to jumping up and down behind concrete walls to get your foes before they can get you. You should be proud of your battle-honed combat instincts, but to be honest, they are not doing you any good in Gangstar Vegas. The developers included cover as a cool mechanic, but did not actually make the game hard enough for using cover to be at all worth it. In fact, you can just go with the run and gun method and buy health and armor from the shop as you go to make up for the extra damage you will take. You will plow through missions so much faster that way. Plus, you get to feel like an invincible bulletproof badass who has no need for cover.


Put Your Eggs in the Right Baskets


There are a lot of upgrades in Gangstar Vegas, which is fun, but the sheer amount of upgrades means two things: you will not be able to unlock them all, and a lot of them just end being a waste of time and skill points. For example, you should never upgrade vehicle skills; the only real upside is that you get around faster, but like we said earlier you can just use the map to teleport around anyway. Your main upgrade should be your health, since it’s something you will always need a lot of at every stage of the game. Then focus on weapon skills, but again, focus only on weapons you are going to use a lot. We recommend saving up and buying an assault rifle as soon as you can, then sinking your points into that.


Money Don’t Grow on Trees


The only thing worse than being a dead gangster is being a broke gangster. Given how many bullets you will have to buy over the course of your career, you might find yourself short on cash from time. How are you going to get all those sweet guns if you don’t have any cash? One of the fastest ways to make money in Gangstar Vegas is to steal high-priced cars, then turn around and sell them. The developers recently put a limit on how often you can do this. Now you can only sell one car every half an hour, so make sure you jack the most expensive one you can find. Or, if you’re willing to fudge a little, you can set the system time on your phone forward to get around the limit. But you didn’t hear it from us.


Keep Your Eyes Peeled


This might be the most important of our tips, but it’s also the one that takes the most time and effort. You have probably heard about the hidden areas and secret treasures scattered around the game, but you might not have heard how valuable these easter eggs can be. These secrets include some of the best guns in the game and also some of the best opportunities to make some cash. It can be a lot of fun to poke around the map yourself trying to find them, but of course if you get frustrated or just don’t have the time you can always look up these locations online.


Keep these tips in mind and you will have everything you need to be the baddest gangster who ever walked the streets of Vegas!