Hey guys,  We’re here today with another Tutorial about getting gems for free on the epic game Clash Royale!
In Clash Royale, We all love gems, We are collecting them because they will help us win the game! So who doesn’t love gems? Everyone loves them!
You are lucky, Because in this tutorial we will show you crazy epic ways to get Clash Royale Gems For free. We will show you methods like:

  • Getting free cheats to win every battle thanks to this clash royale hack
  • Getting gems for free thanks to Clash Royale Glitch
  • Other legit ways to get gems online.

clash royale hacks

Method 1: Using Online Clash Royale gems and coins generator

Have Ever wanted deeply to get gems & coins in Clash Royale for free?
If so, The simplest and most effective way to get gems in Clash Royale is using online gems generators. But, as we know, Most of the generators never work because they are outdated/patched by the Clash Royale Moderators.

We found a brand new Clash Royale gems generator that helps you get free gems and passes it over to your Clash Royale account and it actually works.

Gems Generator

Method 2: Using Clash Royale Hack / Cheat

I get you, You want to climb to the top of the leaderboards in Clash Royale..Well you’ve found the right place!
With Clash Royale cheats, You and only you can decide how many coins and gems you want in your private account. And yes, You can obtain unlimited coins and gems which will be used in the future to buy the best cards that will win every match. Of course, That with the best cards you may construct the most advanced and powerful deck that you always wanted and climb to the top of the leaderboards.

The days of having to lose on the field are O-V-E-R, Thanks to this one weird clash Royale Hack.
And don’t worry, those hacks are fully compatible with all types of devices, Like: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and many more.
And the best part about it? It takes only 3 minutes to generate the gems with this hack and you can do it by yourself without any special code or anything. You can generate thousands of gems by using this new Clash royale hacks without having knowledge on hacking and programming.

So tell me, Please, Why would you spend hundreds of $ on Clash Royale when you can get those gems for free?

Reasons to use Clash Royale Hack

There are several reasons for using the Clash Royale Hacks. You will simply enjoy much more in the game with those hacks. And the best thing is that you won’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of $ to buy those gems because you can get them for free.
We all know that Gems are a truly valuable resource in clash royale and can help you improve your game and tactics in a significant way.
For example, You can unlock you chests faster with gems and get the best cards instantly. Some chests takes ages to open and we don’t have time to wait for them because we want those legendary cards.

What is the Clash Royale Hack?

This generator succeeded in finding vulnerabilities in Clash Royale game mechanism, Exploit those vulnerabilities and merge them into a simple user-friendly gems generator.
This generator does the hard work for you,  And you can use this generator to link the resources that we gather into your private account.
We have made all the hard staff exploiting clash royale and revealing all it’s vulnerabilities:

Gems Generator

You are using simple user friendly generator that have complex functionality in the backend.
And its very simple! You go to the generator, Enter your username, Select how many gems you would like to receive and then we will generate it for you.
With those gems you will find the clash royale game a lot more enjoyable,  You won’t have to wait for your chest anymore! You will finally have the freedom to create the deck that you always wanted.

Clash Royale gems generator Features

This generator comes with a lot of cool features that will make you a better clash royale player.
The release of this hack is amazing news because it will save you a lot of time and as you all know time is money.
The game will become a lot more fun to play with this gem generation feature.

Directly from your mobile phone, After you will use the gems generator you will obtain the gems into your account that you entered and then you can use it to unlock chests, Buy coins and gold, Upgrade your deck and much more.


  • Unlimited free coins
  • Unlimited free gems
  • Special exploit and vulnerabilities in the clash royale game that leads to massive improvement in the game

Clash Royale Cheats – Free Coins & Gems

You need resources in order to succeed in clash royale, So why not  just get tons of them?
We’ve had hundred’s of people contacting us telling us how happy they are that they found this hacks.
With this free Gems & Coins generator you will have all the cards that you dreamed about.
You will be ready to dominate the arena and be the first one on the leader board and all your friends will be amazed.

some More reasons to use clash royale gems generator

this hack was created for those who we’re sick of paying for games, So that you can use this clash royale glitch to get unlimited gems for free.

This generator who takes advantage on the glitch is always up and working and the moderators can never fix it because it is constantly being worked on!

  1. The resources will be added instantly to your account after you submit the form.
  2. 100% Uptime – the Clash Royale gems generator will be online 24/7 so don’t worry, you can use it any time.
  3. Secure – You account name is stored on clash royale servers and will be used only to obtain the gems and send them into your account.
  4. Works on any device – iOS, Android Blackberry, Windows Phone.
  5. FREE – This hack is 100% free you don’t have to pay a cent in order to use it and generate how many gems you like to your clash royale account.

How to use the online gems generator

  1. Go to the generator page: Clash Royale Free Gems Generator
  2. Enter you username
  3. Select Platform (iOS/Android)
  4. Select the amout of gems you would like to receive
  5. Click the “Gennerate” button.
  6. Wait a few seconds for processing
  7. Verify you are human.
  8. Enjoy!