If you are looking to take your Clash Royale Arena game to the next level, then you have come to the right place! Today we are going to take a look at one of the more challenging cards to use effectively.

The Ice Wizard, a cheap and versatile legendary, can be a little tricky to play for new players, but in good hands he can elevate a deck and win you game after game. We’ve put together a powerful Ice Wizard deck that highlights his strengths.

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The Ice Wizard


A legendary card that costs only three elixirs, the ice wizard does decent damage and can attack from a very impressive range. His main selling point, though, is that his attacks slow both the movement speed and the attack speed of any enemy unit or building that he hits.

If you can put this ability to good use, you will be able to cripple your opponent’s maneuvers and lock their forces down, making them helpless to fight or flee while you wipe them out from afar.

The Ice Wizard’s unique ability to slow enemies makes him ideal for pushing and for stopping pushes. An important mechanic that shapes every single match in Clash Royale Arena is that any time any player tries to take out a tower, the battle takes place on an uneven playing field. Both players are able to bring their troops and spells to bear, as normal, but the defending player’s tower also fights back, essentially becoming a unit in its own right.

If both players’ armies are roughly equal in power, than the defending player will have the advantage. That means anything that affects the tower’s ability to take part in the fight will have a huge effect on the outcome of the battle.


When he is part of an attack on an enemy tower, the Ice Wizard will slow down the tower’s attacks and stop it from dealing as much damage as it usually could. This evens the playing field a little and gives your troops a much better chance of surviving long enough to destroy the tower.

By the same token, when the Ice Wizard is defending a tower he can slow the movement of each attacker. The longer it takes a unit to get to a tower, the more time the tower has to dish out damage without taking any itself.

Any good deck that includes an Ice Wizard should make the most of this ability by focusing on solid defenses followed by quick, aggressive counter-pushes.


The Cards


Besides the Ice Wizard, our deck also includes Hog Rider, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minions, Inferno Tower, Fireball, and Zap.


Ice Wizard – As we discussed above, get the most out of this unit by making sure he’s always part of a defense against a push or a push of your own.


Hog Rider – The king of pushing towers, the Hog Rider is an obvious inclusion in this deck. His high movement speed and respectable damage make him and the Ice Wizard a tower-smashing dream team.


Goblins – Fast and cheap, goblins keep with the versatility of this deck. By playing cheap units over and over again and using them wisely, you should be able to build up a decent elixir advantage over your opponent.


Spear Goblins – A solid choice for any deck, Spear Goblins are especially useful here because they are cheap and because they shine when defending towers.


Minions – Again, the theme of this deck is cheap and fast. Your Goblins and Minions will probably be fighting much stronger enemy troops, but keep in mind that thanks to your Ice Wizard, your towers will be doing more than their fair share of the fighting.


Inferno Tower – This whole deck revolves around getting the most out of your towers, so why wouldn’t you throw in even more towers? Inferno Towers are like the peanut butter to the Ice Wizard’s jelly: it does more damage the longer it attacks an enemy, and enemies slowed by the Ice Wizard can be attacked for a very long time indeed.


Fireball – The secret to this deck is getting more value than you should be able to out of fairly cheap spells. By using the Ice Wizard’s slowing attacks, you can control your foes’ movements. If you can bunch enough of them together, you can wipe out a whole army with a single spell.


Zap – Zap may seem like a fairly basic spell, but really it adds several layers of complexity to your strategy, along with the potential for new heights of power. It deals a small amount of damage but also stuns enemies for a couple seconds. Used together with your Ice Wizard, it gives unparalleled control of the battlefield. Get good enough with the combo, and all of a sudden you don’t just get to decide where your own troops move – you get to control your enemies’ movements, too.




This deceptively simple deck has a hidden depth to it. On the face of it, it’s about playing cheap minions and spells so that you can blow through your deck and play each card over and over again. While that is part of it, the tradeoff of this gambit is that your troops and spells are probably straight up weaker than the other player’s.


To understand why this deck is effective, you have to learn to “see the matrix” that exists behind the Clash Royale Arena. New players tend to think that you win by having the better numbers: more damage, higher speed, a bigger army. Sometimes that is correct, but there are other ways to win. This deck lacks raw numbers but makes up for that in control. By slowing, stunning, and swarming enemy troops, you get to determine the shape of the battlefield which means you can get more value out of every elixir spent.


Think of it like this: a Prince and a Baby Dragon might be able to defeat your Ice Wizard and Minions in a head to head fight. But what if you send your Minions rushing in to take out the Prince, which has no defense against air, and meanwhile use your Ice Wizard to slow the Baby Dragon so it is unable to reach the Prince in time to help? The Arena is, in a way, just a complex game of rock-paper-scissors, and with this deck you get to decide whether your rock goes up against your opponent’s paper or their scissors. Choose wisely.