Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a video game which was created by Halfbrick Studios. It is one of the side scrolling endless action/runner game. Originally, it was released for iOS devices on the application store in 1st, September 2011. But now this game is ported to many other mobile platforms like android, play station 4, Microsoft windows, windows phone and BlackBerry. On May 11, 2012, it was released online as a Flash version.

Objectives & Game features

The main objective of these game is to travel as far as possible. Avoid hazards like missiles, high-intensity laser beams, zappers and to collect coins. Occasionally when the golden colored spin tokens appear during his travel time, he can collect that tokens. In the end, the spin tokens are used in a slot machine which gives various prices to the player including additional spin tokens, a player revival, a head-start and coins.

If the player was not willing to turn the slot, they could cash in with other remaining spin tokens for 50 coins each. Rainbow colored boxes can also be found throughout.  When contact with any of the hazards which would result in instant death. Although Barry’s body will fall for a distance upon dying. The iOS version holds an assemblage score of 90/100 on Metacritic. On game marketing, it holds 93% and crowned as best app ever in 2011 by 148 applications. It also awarded for “Best Casual Game” on 2012, “iPhone Game of the Year” on the app store.

The game has the same protagonist from Barry Steak fries and Monster Dash, who is the player controls as he steals a jet pack from the top secret laboratory. The game is simple and easy touch to control the jet pack even the player touch anywhere on the screen.

Real hacks

Numerous accounts can compromise by various method. The play station network is the most famous case of widespread infiltration by hackers. The play station network hacking was exceptional because of its appearance, severity and duration. Most hacks of other company’s game servers had caused minimum damages because the companies detected the relatively attack quickly, take right step to minimize the problem and encrypted the valuable user data.

Hacking in Jetpack Joyride

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