When it comes to the Clash Royale Arena, sometimes simple is best. The game is full of legendary troops and flashy spells that can combine in a thousand interesting ways, and these are fun to play with, but there is something to be said for doing things the old-fashioned way from time to time.

The Knight is about as old-fashioned as it gets, and not just because he is a character straight out of the Medieval Ages.

This card is similar to the Prince and the Hog Rider in that he is a tough, single-target ground troop that excels at pushing towers and can be used as the pillar of your offensive force.

Unlike the Prince or the Hog Rider, however, he has no special charge ability and he does not know how to jump over rivers. What he lacks in signature moves he makes up for in raw stats, and his impressive health pool is nothing to sneeze at. The Knight i such a solid and steadfast card that you can build a wide variety of effective decks with him as the centerpiece. Today we want to show you our take on the Knight deck, a twist on the standard push deck that excels at two-pronged attacks.


The Knight


Even if you have never played the Knight card before, it should feel pretty familiar if you have ever played a Prince or any similar beefy tank-type card. He can take on most enemies, up to and including a tower, just fine in one-on-one combat, but he is quickly overwhelmed by swarms and is unable to defend against flying units or those with long-ranged attacks.

As usual, you will want to team him up with support units that make up for these weaknesses, in particular units that deal splash damage and can target air. The Knight works especially well with the Bomber, since his relatively slower movement speed keeps him from outpacing the Bomber the way a Prince or Hog Rider would.


What sets the Knight apart is his higher health and slower movement speed when compared to similar cards. Most push decks aim to rush to and take out a tower as fast as possible, rushing past or freeing defending units if possible.

With the Knight at the heart of your strike team, your strategy will be a little different, and you will find yourself engaging defenders more often rather than ignoring them. Although you will not push as fast using this tactic and you will have to work harder for each tower, the inherent advantage in this approach is that you do not suffer an elixir disadvantage the way you would with other decks.

Using a Zap or a Freeze to stall enemies while your Hog Rider rushes a tower lets you push ahead for a little while, but what happens when the defenders unfreeze and kill your Hog Rider? You are out the elixir cost of both the spell and the Hog Rider and meanwhile your opponent has not sacrificed anything.

In conclusion, a Knight deck feels similar to standard push decks but lends itself to a slower playstyle that is much less vulnerable to counter-pushes.


The Cards


The Knight may be the star of this deck, but he shares the stage with Giant, Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, Barbarians, Goblins, Minions, and Arrows.


Knight – If you have played any kind of push deck before, you know what to do with your Knight. He should be pushing towers at all times, preferably supported by allies that cover his weaknesses and can help him tear down towers.


Giant – Knight and Giant is your game-winning combo with this deck. If you really need to focus down one tower, Knight and Giant will get the job done fast, but if you can manage it, sending Knight down one lane and Giant down another is a vicious maneuver that will leave the other player reeling. Ideally, you want to support both the Giant and the Knight with other troops, whether Goblins, Minions, or Three Musketeers, but this gets expensive fast and requires careful planning to set up.


Three Musketeers – This card is unbelievably expensive but somehow entirely worth it. They are powerful enough to demolish pretty much anything in their path, be it ground or air. Their fatal flaw is that they can be taken out by a spell such as a Fireball, which puts you at a huge elixir disadvantage. To compensate, split the Three Musketeers up if possible, using two to cover your Giant on one lane and one to cover your Knight in the other. Even if the other player can take two down with a spell, the last one will still allow your Knight to take down a tower.


Elixir Collector – This deck’s two-pronged push is a surprising and powerful tactic, but you are going to need a ton of elixirs to pull it off. Drop an elixir collector behind your towers as soon as possible and keep it alive at all costs.


Barbarians – These beefy troops will form your main defensive line throughout the game. Alongside your towers, your Barbarians should be able to break pushes consisting of more costly units, putting you at enough of an elixir advantage to overwhelm the enemy with your own push.


Goblins – Goblins are far from the toughest units in the Clash Royale Arena, but their cheap price tag is an essential factor in this deck. To pull of a double push, you will spend most of your elixirs on your Knight and Giant, so having some cheap troops to support your tanks is essential.


Minions – Same concept as the Goblins, with the added bonus that Minions can fly. Since neither Knight or Giant can target air, you’ll need to send in your minions if they encounter flying defenders.


Arrows – Like Minions, Arrows compensates for your main units’ weaknesses and is cheap enough that you can hopefully still play it after starting your double push. If you support one of your tanks with Minions but then the other tank encounters flying units, Arrows should be able to save his bacon.




This strategy of playing this Knight deck is simple, but there is a vast difference between simple and easy. If you pull off a double push, you will probably win the game then and there, but saving enough elixirs to play Giant, Knight, and some support units all at once will take some work and planning. Also, keep in mind that once you start your double push, you absolutely have to win the game at that point. If the other player’s defenses push you back, you will be left without an elixir to your name and you will be totally at your opponent’s mercy.