Of all the cards in the Clash Royale Arena, the Mirror might be the one with the most varied and interesting applications. At the same time, it might be one of the trickiest cards to use. When played well, it opens the door to powerful or even game-breaking combos. Wielded poorly, however, the Mirror will end up leading to nothing more than a total waste of elixirs.

Needless to say, a deck constructed with the goal of getting the most out of this card has the potential to be incredibly effective, but building such a deck is no easy feat and playing it well is another matter entirely. The strength and the weakness of the Mirror is that it lets you double down on whatever play you just made.

If your play a Prince and then Mirror another Prince at a time when your opponent is unable to defend their towers, the result will be spectacular.

If, on the other hand, you play a Prince and mirror a second Prince, only to discover that your opponent was ready with an army of flying swarmers, you’ll likely be out of elixirs and helpless to stop them tearing both your Princes to shreds. We put together what we consider to be the fairest Mirror deck of them all to help you come to grips with this wonderful, terrible card.


The Mirror


For a card with such complex repercussions, the Mirror’s actual game effect is very simple. It plays a slightly more expensive copy of whatever card you just played. Since you can use the Mirror to copy any card in the game, the number of combos you could play with this card are essentially infinite. That said, some of these combos are going to get you a lot further than others.


The most popular Mirror decks use the card to clone their biggest unit and otherwise play much the same as a deck built on a two-card combo. For example, a deck that plays two Hog Riders will have different strengths and weaknesses than a deck that plays a Prince and a Hog Rider, but since Prince and Hog Rider are generally used for the same purposes the decks will probably play about the same way.


In general, the Mirror lends itself to highly aggressive decks. Since playing two Princes, for example, will probably take up most of your elixirs, you don’t want to make that play unless you think it will win you the game. That said, there are other ways to use the Mirror. It works well in a more defensive deck that focuses on counter-pushes. In this case, you should arm yourself with a variety of cards that can counter whatever your opponent throws at you – whether ground or air, big threats or swarmers. Once you know what the other player’s main threat is, use the Mirror to double down on whatever troops or spells can counter it.


The Cards


In contrast to more popular decks that center on a single card to Mirror, we built a deck full of options. Other than the Mirror itself, our deck contains Goblin Barrel, Minion Horde, Hog Rider, Goblins, Inferno Tower, Fireball, and Zap.


Mirror – The idea of this deck is to give you a wide range of powerful plays, each of which can be made even stronger using the Mirror. That said, you still want to put some thought into when you play this card. Choosing when and how to use it will be the most important decision you make each and every match, so whenever you find yourself about to cast it take a breath and ask yourself if this is really the best option.


Goblin Barrel – Goblin Barrel might be one of the best targets for Mirror in the game, but you have to be careful. This card is vulnerable to area damage, especially from cards like Arrows, so unless you know for a fact that your opponent does not have any of that you should send in your Minion Horde first and get them to waste their counters.


Minion Horde – This card is mostly in this deck to protect your more valuable cards. A Minion Horde is useful for supporting your Hog Rider or Goblin Barrel, and as noted above you can use it to make your opponent waste their counters.


Hog Rider – It should come as no surprise that the Hog Rider is another high value target for Mirror. One Hog Rider by himself is deadly, but twin Hog Riders attacking two different lanes at once is the stuff of nightmares. As noted earlier, though, this is a huge commitment of resources and not a play that should be taken lightly.


Goblins – There are few scenarios in which you would want to Mirror your Goblins, but they are still a valuable part of this deck. They work particularly well as support for a Hog Rider, and are cheap enough that you might even be able to play them alongside a twin Hog Rider combo.


Inferno Tower – Again, more of a support card than a Mirror target. The Inferno Tower is the core of your defense and combos very nicely with Zap and Goblins.


Fireball – The double Fireball might be the simplest and least inventive use of the Mirror, but it does have its place. When you just need a little extra kick to finish off a tower or a hefty enemy unit, double Fireball should do the trick. It might not be subtle or creative, but we have to admit, it does feel strangely satisfying.


Zap – In general, players overlook this card’s potential, and that is doubly true when it comes to the Mirror. This spell is cheap enough that firing off a double Zap barely sets you back at all, and you can get a lot done in the time that combo will buy you. In fact, as impressive as a double Hog Rider may be, particularly skilled and crafty players will find that a Hog Rider plus a double Zap is often a game-winning play.




The magic of a mirror is that everyone sees something different when they look at one. Which image appears in a mirror depends on the person looking into it. By the same token, when playing this Mirror deck, your strategy must reflect that of your opponent. That is part of what makes Mirror decks like this one challenging. There is no one strategy that we can guarantee will win you games. Instead, you need to pay close attention to what cards your opponent has in their deck and how they intent to play them. When they act, you must react, choosing which cards will give you the edge and then playing them twice if necessary. It may take time and practice to get the hang of it, but once you do you will truly be ready for anything.