Players who spend a lot of time in the Clash Royale Arena will be familiar with the Prince. He shows up in all kinds of decks at almost every level of play, and for good reason. Just his basic stats are decent to begin with, and on top of his solid damage and health he has the unique ability to double his damage when he accelerates. That means that putting a Prince in your deck is one of the most straightforward ways to beef up your offensive game. Given how commonly you will see him, it is a good idea to learn to play him whether you end up using him yourself or not. One way or another you will see a lot of him during your time in the arena, so we put together a sweet Prince deck that will help you get a handle on what he can do. Give our deck a try and you will be prepared for the Prince, no matter if he fights for or against you.


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The Prince


When we say that the Prince is an offensive card, we really mean that. A lot of units in the Clash Royale Aren are better suited to one role or another, but at the end of the day Barbarians or Spear Goblins do the same amount of damage whether they are fighting next to your towers or your opponent’s. The Prince is unique because he only deals his maximum damage when he is actually on the offense, charging into the fray, which means if you are forced to play him defensively you are not getting full value out of the card and are wasting your elixirs. If you build a deck with a Prince in it, you should be working with the goal that you will spend most of the game on the attack.


The Prince is obviously well-suited to pushes, and ideally should spend most of his time attacking the enemy towers. His effectiveness in this pursuit is highly affected by which other cards you have to support him. For example, a lot of players will pair him with units that cover his weaknesses. The Prince cannot attack air, and his attacks are slow and target only one enemy at a time. These facts make him vulnerable to flying units or swarms, so it is common to cover the Prince with allies that can attack air or that deal splash damage. Players that favor a control-oriented play style might use the Prince as the main troop in a deck filled with spells like Freeze, Zap, and Fireball, which can keep the enemy army at bay while the Prince does his business. More ruthless players who won’t lose any sleep if their Prince goes down fighting will simply team him up with other fast, high-damage cards. After all, if you can deal enough damage to win the game it doesn’t matter who dies in the process. This strategy is effective enough that a lot of popular decks are actually built around a two-card combo involving the Prince, such as Prince and Hog Rider or Prince and Giant.


The Cards


Our deck backs the Prince up with Valkyrie, Furnace, Bomber, Skeleton Army, Musketeer, Fireball, and Zap.


Prince – You should know this by now, but you always want your Prince t be on the attack. In fact, the whole deck is designed to allow him to push towers as aggressively as possible. If you can send him in with the Valkyrie and the Bomber you should be able to devastate your opponent’s defenses.


Valkyrie – They say behind every powerful man is a great woman, and that is never more true than when the Valkyrie rides into battle alongside the Prince. She can take a hit or two and is a lot better at clearing out swarmers than the Prince is, so don’t be afraid to let her do the bulk of the fighting while your Prince makes for the towers.


Furnace – The Furnace usually comes in handy as a defensive building, but when playing a Prince deck like this one you shouldn’t be doing much defense. Instead, the Fire Spirits spawned by the Furnace should slowly chip away at your opponent’s defenses and towers, softening them up so that the Prince can roll right over them later.


Bomber – Like the Furnace, the Bomber is great if you have to resort to defense. Mostly, though, you should be using him to keep swarmers off your Prince’s back.


Skeleton Army – Honestly, this card is mostly here in case your opponent uses the same strategy as use. The Skeleton Army can deal with an enemy Prince or Hog Rider, clearing the way for your own game-winning counter-push.


Musketeer – The Musketeer makes quick work of flying troops that try to harass your Prince, and as a bonus he can do some decent damage to towers in his own right.


Fireball – A lot of decks use Fireball as a means of taking out towers, but keep in mind that a Prince who survives will do a lot more damage in the long run that a single spell. Let the Prince focus on the towers and use Fireball to incinerate enemy troops that get too close to him.


Zap – Like Fireball, you should use Zap to help keep your Prince alive. Given how much damage he can dish out, buying a few extra seconds with a well-timed Zap could win you the game.




There are three rules to keep in mind when playing this deck: Offense, Offense, and Offense. Even when you aren’t making a direct push, you want to be inflicting small amounts of damage at all times with Furnace, Fireball, and Zap. Over the course of the game these little scratches well add up to some serious hurt for your opponent. When you send in your Prince, Valkyrie, and whatever other troops you can muster, finishing off your enemy’s weakened defenses should be a breeze.


The main thing to keep in mind when on the offense is that you want your Valkyrie to handle troops while your Princ handles towers. Since your Prince is capable of moving a lot faster, you should let Valkyrie take the point position. Once she draws the attention of the defending army, your Prince can gallop on by and hit the other player where it hurts.