If you love soccer, sports, or just great games, you should probably look into Score Hero. This game escaped our notice for some time, and we’ve been kicking ourselves for not picking it up sooner.


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As great a game as Score Hero is, it unfortunately is no different from the hordes of free-to-play mobile apps out there in the way it tries to nickel-and-dime your hard-earned savings away into oblivion. I mean come on, developers, we want to play your games to unwind after a long, stressful work day. The last thing we want is to stress out even more having to balance our checkbooks to see if we can afford your in-app purchases! Okay, okay, nobody uses checkbooks anymore, but that does not mean any self-respecting gamer is going to throw money away when there is a better way.


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Unlike other Score Hero Hacks you will find, ours does not require you to download anything and risk exposing your precious device to malware or just generally clunky programming that takes up space on your drives and slows your system down. This risk-free, easy-to-use online tool guarantees you unlimited hearts and free cash with no hassle or downloads. After all, what good is it to save a few dollars on in-app purchases if you just end up giving yourself a virus that bricks your shiny new $600 phone? We know our fans are smart enough to be cautious and demand only the best, so we searched long and hard for a hack that we knew would live up to your high standards.


Just follow the link below to access it, and our step-by-step instructions will walk you through the whole process, start to finish. It only takes about 30 seconds and no effort to unlock all the unlimited hearts and free cash you want, so what are you waiting for? Just click the link and the very best Score Hero Hack out there is yours for the taking!


Sure, you can get in-game cash by playing the game normally, but we all know that that method is way too slow to be effective. In fact, the game’s developers designed the game to not reward you enough to make it any fun at all, as the amounts they give you in return for your efforts just are not worth it. After all, their goal is to squeeze you for as much money as possible, and as a result we once again see a game that could have been a veritable work of art fall to typical corporate greed.


Worse, the only way to get in-game cash, besides slowing grinding it out or throwing away your life’s savings, is to watch the mind-numbing in-game advertisements. Since the only way to turn these off is to shell out for in-game cash, we can see why many would be tempted to do just that. We had no intentions of rewarding the developers for this behavior, however, and we were personally more likely to just stop playing than give in to the money trap.


It is lucky we found our Score Hero Hack when we did, then, before the game’s unreasonable design forced us to quit. We love the game for what it is, after all, and would have missed out on hours of fun and satisfaction if we had not found a way to generate unlimited hearts and mountains of free cash without spending a dime. We just knew right away we had to share this Score Hero Hack with you, our loyal fans, and save you from having the same awful experience that we did.


We hope that you will feel the same. We want you to enjoy this wonderful tool for yourself, of course, but we would like to humbly ask that you also share it with everyone you know, the same way we have shared it with you. As we said before, we really do believe in this game and want to make sure it does not get a bad reputation because of a couple stupid decisions that were made regarding its pay scheme and the inclusion of in-game ads. By sharing our free, simple with your friends and community, you can make sure they are enjoying the game the way they should. You can open the door for them, and of course yourself, to experience hours of fun, complete with endless amounts of hearts and free cash.


Of course, we should mention that using our method does in fact also get rid of those annoying in-game ads. This online tool works by telling your game client that you have in fact purchased in-game cash without actually charging you for the transaction, which satisfies the condition required to turn off the ads in your copy of the game. If you’re anything like us, this is almost more of a bonus than the free cash itself, and makes our hack much more than worth it right there. As if we are not bombarded by advertising enough in every other area of our lives – on the internet, on the subway, on TV, on billboards when we drive home from work, and now on top of all of that, in our mobile games too! This is a step too far, and we hope you’ll join us in sending a message to these greedy capitalist developers that enough is enough. If enough people use our Score Hero Hack to get rid of these irritating ads, the developers will pay attention and hopefully learn their lesson. That way, next time they release a game they will think twice about putting ads in it.