The latest installment in the Shadow Fight franchise, Shadow Fight 3, delivers everything players could want from this sort of game. Complete with the classic action of a traditional fighting game and the endless customization of an RPG, Shadow Fight 3 promises hours of fun and interesting surprises that keep every fight fresh.

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Ironically, our problem with the game actually has to do with its strongest element. Unlike many other fighting games, in which you simply choose a preset character, start a match, and start fighting, Shadow Fight 3 has an expertly designed and fully realized character customization system which rivals that of a full-scale RPG.

There is a boggling range of options you can choose to personalize your experience. You start with one of many characters from the three different factions present in the game: Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds. Each of these characters comes complete with a unique history and a special combat style.

Every character has their own strengths and weaknesses that you can explore and experiment with, and there are countless ways to customize each individual combat style.


Customizations options include not only collectable items such as new weapons and armor, but also a broad selection of perks and skills, in addition to the shadow form techniques that give you new abilities when you unleash your all-powerful shadow form.

All of this combines to make every character in the game unique and powerful in their own way, and even though every character start with a basic fighting style these options allow a player to create a style that is all their own.


Sounds awesome, right? Will, it sure would be if acquiring these collectables and techniques was not such a pain. You acquire new items and abilities either by completing quests or, you guessed it, by sinking real money into the game.

The game does boast daily missions and dynamic quest generation which, in theory, means there are an effectively infinite number of missions that you can play in order to earn these rewards.

These systems keep the process interesting for a little while and are certainly a nice touch, but in practice you will quickly start seeing very similar quests and even those that are technically different start to feel like the same old thing after a while.


So what are you to do if you can’t wait to experience epic real-time battles and crush your enemies with your unique and deadly shadow form abilities?

Should you resign yourself to completing hours of mind-numbing missions in exchange for very little reward?

Should you break open your piggy bank and spend your hard-earned real life money on a mobile game just to make it fun? Or should you just abandon the game altogether and never experience the thrill of beating a worthy opponent with a lethal fighting style of your own design?

None of these options sound very enticing, and we don’t blame you if you the initial excitement and joy this game instilled in you has turned into something closer to bitter resentment. We felt the same way, and dissatisfied with our options we set out to discover something better. Today, we’re very pleased to announce that we succeeded.

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