We have something special for you today! Smash Hit is a lot of fun and we are sure many of you play it, but it can also drive you crazy pretty fast if you have to start from the beginning over and over again, and Worse of all, a lot of times it is not even your fault when you crash. When you get hit from behind there is nothing you can do but curse your bad luck and try again.

The only way to keep your progress and not have to start over after a crash is to buy the premium version of the app. A lot of people do not want to sink money into a game that is not very long or in-depth, and a lot of younger players do not even have the option to unless they steal their parents’ credit card.

On top of that, even if you buy the full version, the game does not save your progress the way you think it will. Sure, if you crash it will let you start from the last check point instead of going all the way back to where you began, but only as long as you stay in the game. If you need to go back to the main menu or close the app, your progress is lost. Why would you pay for that when it does not even let you take a bathroom break or make a phone call?

Well, you may have heard there is a way around all of that. The developers actually put a mode in the app when they made it that lets you always pick up from where you left off. Of course, they took away access to that mode when they released the game because they realized it let players beat the game too fast.

This sucks for us. Not our fault they made the game too short! Why should we have to deal with the frustration of starting over 300 times when they could have made a better app to start with?

If you agree, then today is your lucky day. We found out how to get access to that secret mode that will allow you to get as many balls as you want, and we thought we would share it with our fans. No one should have to waste their time playing the same thing over and over again!

The Secret

If you want to play Smash Hit the way it was meant to be played, without spending any money, you need to check out our Smash Hit hack right now. We have two versions of the hack, one that works with iOS and one that works with Android. It is important to us that everyone can use the info and the tricks that we provide and we know our fans use a variety of devices.

Using the hack is simple, and best of all there is no need to download anything! A lot of fake Smash Hit Tools or Smash Hit Cheats will ask you to put software on your phone, which at best can take up a lot of space on your device and at worst can flood you with malware.

The upside of the secret Smash Hit mode is that it already exists within the game. That means there is no need to add any files to your phone. Just follow an easy set of steps to unlock the menu option that the developers hid from you, so without further ado here it is

Balls Generator

Click the link above and you will be able to access a secret page that the developers built to make it easier for themselves to test their own game. Of course, at the time we write this they have no idea that we are able to access the page. If you do not have access to the secret mode yet, you should use our hack as soon as possible, because sooner or later they are going to find out and try to block us!

After clicking the link, just choose your operating system – iOS or Android. The page will then ask you for some info to verify your identity – but don’t worry, no personal information! You just need to open the Smash Hit app on your device and enter some numbers found within the game itself. That way the page will know to unlock the secret mode on that particular copy of the app. The page itself has detailed info on where and how to find these numbers, so what are you still doing reading this? Click the link above and get the hack right away! Just choose the amount of balls you want and get to playing

After choosing your operating system and entering your numbers, click the big, shiny button labelled Unlock, and bam! The page now thinks you are a developer of the game. Open your main menu and you should see an option for a new game mode.

Happy smashing!