Hey guys, a lot of people have been asking what are the best cards in clash royale, so here we are with another tutorial about the best cards in Clash Royale in 2017! Last week we showed you How to get gems for free in Clash Royle and today we are bringing you a brand new tutorial. Comment below and tell us which one is your favorite card, The cards that we pick will be ranked based on our personal opinion, That does not necessarily mean they are the best cards by definition, but for us they are :), And of course, We’re gonna start with the Legenday Cards.

Best Legendary Cards



Clash royale graveyard

In a competitive game like Clash Royale, I would say 50% of the best players are using this legendary graveyard Card in a graveyard Deck and it’s one of the best cards in Clash Royale. The last Crown Duel tournament was won by “backtabx”, a graveyard player. This card can be implemented in many decks, For example, Bowler graveyard, Giant graveyard, Barb hut graveyard, Etc…And the best part of this amazing card is that each upgrade of this Legendary Card, Is going to increase it’s effectiveness exponentially, Like the freeze and rage theory.

The Log

This card can be fit into almost any deck! Even though it can’t target air, Its usefulness comes into play when you need to push troops back, This card does more damage than zap, Allowing it to take our dart goblin and princess, Which makes this card extremely useful in many tournaments.


Clash Royale princess

Although the log decreased the princess’s popularity, It is still, Without a doubt, One of the greatest cards in Clash Royale. She will always be one of the best Legendaries in Clash Royale.  

Best Epic Cards


Skeleton Army

This used to be the most popular epic card in Clash Royale, And the 6th most used in the last season’s amongst the global top 100 players. For just 3 elixir’s, the Damage per second that it does is crazy. The skeletons can eat away any tank in seconds, And its not only used for killing the tank, its also great for killing his support cards. This card main weaknesses are obviously: Ice Golem, Log and Zap.


This is the tank of the graveyard! Very similar to the giant, but, It can also defend very good against ground troops. In our Opinion, you gotta be very skilled to use this amazing card. Its very slow and very weak against air cards, In order to succeed with this card you have to be very good in “Controlling the game”.

Freeze Spell

The freeze card is making a comeback! This card get more and more effective the higher you are in ladder, The reason for that is that just like the rage spell, This card increases its strength every time you will upgrade it. The freeze is not over leveled on lvl 8, Because you’re playing against lvl 13s. But, Its much more effective than a tournament standard freeze. At lvl 8, Freezing tower allows 6 shots from your hog which is extremely useful for beating opponents.


We love this card! Even though it became less effective after the last update. The balloon ice golem Combo is one of the best combos in clash royale. Another good combination is with the “lavahound” which consistently works in tournaments and challenges.

Best Rare Cards


Ice Golem

This was the second most used card in last year’s tournaments. Very useful for tanking against support cards. Allowing your own troops to kill the opponent’s tank. It’s damage is quite good as well. You will mostly see the ice golem being merged with hog pushes. It’s just 2 elixir’s which is crazy. Overall, Its one of the best rare cards in Clash Royale.


In our opinion its the best card in “ladder play”. With lots of players playing with over leveled wizards, Witches, Barbarians and minion horde The fireball is able to kill all of those easily.


Very popular in tournaments. This card is heavily requested for a nerf. Its just so powerful for the reason your enemy must react to every spirit that will be spawned like a “Fireball”. If left ignored, This spirit can make by itself 1300 Damage to a tower which is a lot. It provides offensive control in a Clash Royale match, And its also a useful defensive card with hp to defend against the lone hog.

Best Common cards


The zap spell

I think most players gonna agree on this one. It’s a must card against bait decks, That also comes with stun capability. The zap spell can fit into almost any deck in Clash Royale for only 2 elixirs it gives great value.

Elite barbarians

After the update, Their damage and health was increased and the became truly useful. It’s a unique troop in Clash Royale because it is used as a second win condition in decks. Most of the players are replacing the buildings with this card because of their defensive capability. Their DPS is nice which gonna help to defeat tanks. Tip: If you are playing against elite barbarians, You must be aware of your opponents elixir, Because rushing with barb’, Can deal a significant damage on your tower.

Ice Spirit

The ice spirit provides amazing value for only 1 elixir. Advantage to your deck:

  • Synergies really well with hog pig
  • Help your deck cycle
  • Stop cards like mega minions/archers from killing your towers
  • Great value when it freezes troops, Allowing you troops to survive and deal more DPS

The Ice spirit is definitely one of the most popular cards in Clash Royale.


In conclusion we believe that the usefulness of the cards can come from their power but also in the way the player uses them, So use them wisely 🙂