Hey guys, Last week we showed you a special method which you can use in order to Get Gems for free in Clash Royale.
Today, we will show you the best deck for arena 6 which you can use to win any battle!
If you are just getting started in Clash Royale, Please check out this awesome begginers guide.


Congratulation, You’ve reached Arena 6! Be aware that it’s one of the best accomplishments for most of the players. In Arena 6, having The best deck is not enough. You have to level up your deck also. Most of the player in Arena 6 like to use Strong and Nasty cards all together. We know you want to make more trophies. You need to use your deck wisely and quickly think.
In Arena 6 you are able to add into you Deck 3 new cards: Sparky, Miner and The Log.

Unlocked Cards


Mortar Clash Royale

The mortar is one of the most powerful offensive and defensive cards in arena 6. With only 4 Elixirs you can reach a very wide distance

Elixir Collector

Elixir Collector Clash Royale

The Elixir Collector is very valuable card. It costs only 5 elixirs and gives you extra elixirs.
The elixir collector will help you produce extra elixirs and you will be able to summon and use troops faster.
The weakness of the elixir is that it quite easy to take it down and your opponent may consider doing that so be careful.


Tornado Clash Royale

The tornado is great. It’s an epic spell which will be unlocked in Arena 6.
It’s able to drag troops from it’s way into the center of the tornado. It’s also causes a significant amount of damage to the troops that are being trapped.
You can try to use the Tornado In the game in several different ways. You can suck your opponents back in in an offensive way. Together with “Sparky” The Tornado can pull a Giant and make a significant amount of damage.


Golem Clash Royale Arena 6

The Golem costs only 6 elixirs and can be summoned only on Arena 6. It’s very similar to the giant, because it targets only towers. His damage is very good so he can smash them very fast. The Golem have additional features which the Giant doesn’t, He can Split into 2 parts (“Golemites”) after the destruction.
Keep in mind The Golem moves very slowly and it can’t defend himself against ground troops.

The Log

THe Log Clash Royale Arena 6

This card is very new and very awesome 🙂
The log will crash and push away anything! It’s very useful card against spammers and low hp Troops players. It has fixed amount of time until it gets away, if you will summon it from the river it can reach the crown tower of the opponent.


Sparky Clash Royale Arena 6

This card is one of the most Over power cards in  Clash Royale. It has 1200 HP and 1300 AOE only on level 1 which is crazy.
It’s gonna destroy you opponent.  You can ambush you enemy with a tanker and Sparky and he will cry.
The only weakness of the sparky is that it’s easily distracted like the prince. The problem is that it need an amount of time to charge his hits and it walks very slow. You can counter the sparky by placing fast low HP Troops. You can also make it slower by using Zap of freeze spell. The guards can defend well against the Sparky.


The Miner Clash Royale Arena 6

You can destroy towers in seconds with the The miner. He is going underground so he is immune to arrows spell which is great.
Since it works like the Goblin Barrel, use it like the Goblin Barrel. Make sure that the tower’s archer is busy so that he’s unhindered. You distract the archer with a tanker (like a Lava Hound), while your Sparky’s charging and add the Miner to finish it. These Three Legendary Cards if used together can be really scary. They might even push your enemy to Rage Quit in the middle of the game!

The best deck for Arena 6

So, In our opinion, This is the best deck for Arena 6 in Clash Royale: Prince, Hog Rider, Lightening, Wizard, Fireball, Barbarians, Spear Goblins and Bomber.

Prince – A very good tank and high damage. Summon him with a Hog/Wizard and he will wreck the opponent’s tower.
Hog Rider – Hog Rider is filled with high amount of damage that can surely help you to snatch a single tower to help you win the game.
Lightning – Make sure to drop it in a great spot for it to be used in full extent. Works absolutely well within the radius.
Wizard – Pair him with your Prince or Hog to wipe those who hinder their way.
Fireball – Kill those troops in a single blow!
Barbarians – Good in killing Prince, Witch or even Giants! Armed with high amount of HP and damage, Can definitely badly devastate a tower ahead!
Spear Goblins – Very Cheap and quite useful. Use them to swarm and confused the enemy. Pair with your Barb to support them.
Bomber – If a Fireball is unavailable, Use a Bomber instead. either in defending and/or pushing. Your opponent’s swarm troops will be massacred in just a flick.