Here in we get a lot of questions from you guys daily, one of the most frequently asked questions is “how do I get better and win in 8 pool”, So we decided not only to answer your question, But to give you a guide that you can look at any time you want that will teach you how to get better at the game fast and get to the advanced levels quickly.

Choose tables that you can easily win the match


I’ll tell you a little known secret, In the higher up tables, The sharks are just waiting for a small fish like you to jump in the pond, They got more experience, Better cues and better understanding of the game than you, So don’t get tempted to go play at the highest table you can right away, Go get some experience and get some quick money from the tables that you can play in that take a reasonable amount of coins.

Invest in your equipment


You can be the best player in the world, But without the proper cue, Your ability to score goes down tremendously, Whenever you can invest in the best cue you can buy, Do it, It will not only improve your game experience and your shot, as a result you will also improve from it, If you feel like it takes too much time to get better equipment you can look at our article about how to get free coins in 8 ball pool

Aim extension cheat


This one blew us away, If once there was a time that you weren’t sure if you will make the shot, Here is a simple cheat that will extend your aim all the way to the pit! All you need to do is aim your ball to the pit, then take anything that has a straight edge, like a ruler or a pen, And stretch it from the point where the aim stops all the way to the pit, Now you have unlimited aim at your disposal and is for sure to win you some matches easily, Just have your tool ready because the time may run out faster than you think.

Do you even English bro?!


For those of you who don’t know, English is the spin you put on the ball before taking a shot, Some of the players, Usually more toward the beginner side, Don’t use this amazing ability and sometimes it can cost you the match, for example if you want the white ball to go backwards after it hit the ball you aimed at, you should put the red dot on the bottom of the white ball and hit as hard as you can, the opposite should be done if you want the ball to move forward.

Pay attention to the white ball’s guideline as well


When you are about to hit the ball, you should also look for the white ball’s guideline. A lot of the times players hit the ball focusing only on the target, while the white ball is going to a very bad position or even worst, to the pit. Giving your opponent the advantage is very ill advised and you should consider both guidelines when shooting so that in the next turn you can still dominate the game.

Look alive!


This one has less to do with the in game tactics but it is still important, whenever you can, go in the app and spin the wheel to win prizes that will help your game improve. This will ultimately help you easily build your empire much faster and get you on the right track to the million and above tables.

Think two steps ahead


Very similar to chess, the person who thinks two or even three steps ahead will win the match. Start thinking about your shots beforehand, where will your ball go and how your opponent will react to your positioning of the white ball. This method can make you a more skilled player and raise you to higher tables much faster.

To conclude


The methods that are specified here can make you an elite player in no time, you  just have to put the time and execute each of them and unleash your potential, good luck on the tables!