Some cards in the Clash Royale Arena are inherently powerful, and players can do pretty well just by learning how to use one or two units particularly well. A player who is especially good with the Hog Rider, for example, can rely on that single card to destroy towers and win games.

As long as the rest of his deck provides half-decent support and defense, he does not need to know the ins and outs of every troop and spell in his deck. As long as he has mastered his weapon of choice, he can get by and even thrive without developing his other skills.

This is an appealing play style for beginners, who are often understandably overwhelmed by the range of options and thrown off by complicated combos. Still, this strategy has limits, and relying on a single card too much will keep you from reaching your full potential. If all you know how to play is Hog Rider and your opponent plays a deck that counters him, you’ll be out of options, just like that. Meanwhile, other cards exist in the game that actually rely on the interplay of other cards and only truly shine when supported by or supporting other troops.

The Wizard, in particular, is not the most impressive card at first glance, but putting him in your deck potentially makes every other card in that deck stronger. Today we want to show you just such a deck, one that will not only win you games but teach you a wide variety of tactics and combos in the process. If you get frustrated by the deck’s learning curve, just remember, every master Wizard was once a student. So show up for class, pay attention, and get your homework done on time – before you know it, the untold power of this deck will be yours for the taking!


The Wizard


The Wizard has decent damage and decent range. He can attack air and deal area damage. This makes him suited to a variety of situations, both offensive and defensive. He is also very fragile, so keep him out of the fray if you can and be wary of high damage spells that can wipe him out in an instant.


Rather than being your main fighting force, the Wizard works best as a support unit. The way you use him will depend on the other units on the battlefield, both friend and foe. That means you have to think about a Wizard deck in very different terms than a traditional deck built around a single powerful threat. When you play a Hog Rider deck you think first about how you will play your Hog Rider and second about what cards you will play to support him. When you play a Wizard deck, your first thought will always be what other cards you will use the Wizard to support.


In other words, make a habit of looking at the battlefield and asking yourself where you could use a bit of a boost. If the other player keeps chipping away at your defenses, then move your Wizard behind your other defensive troops to shore things up. If you’re having trouble pushing a tower, send your Wizard in behind a tougher unit and watch your progress accelerate.


The Cards


This deck uses makes good use of the Wizard’s talents by playing him alongside Barbarians, Prince, Minion Horde, Cannon, Rocket, Zap, and Spear Goblins.


Wizard – Over the course of a single game, you will probably use the Wizard in a variety of roles. His area damage and long range let him wreak havoc on entire enemy armies, but he will die fast if you do not protect him. The first rule of this deck is that your Wizard should never enter combat alone.


Barbarians – One of the best defense cards in the game, Barbarians excel at keeping enemies away from your Wizard. A row of Barbarians in front of a tower and a Wizard behind it form a near-unbreakable defense. The Barbarian and Wizard combo makes for pretty good offense, too.


Prince Prince and Wizard are a true dream team. Your Wizard can deal with the swarmers and flying troops that usually counter the Prince, often before they even get close enough to the Prince to do any damage. This combo shines at the end of the game when pushing towers. If your opponent focuses on attacking the prince, the Wizard will make short work of his army, but if they focus on the Wizard, the Prince will make short work of the tower.


Minion Horde – Like the Wizard, the Minion Horde is a versatile support card and pairs particularly well with the Prince. If you ever feel like you could use your Wizard in two places at once, a Minion Horde will usually make a decent substitute.


Cannon – A pretty basic defense structure, the Cannon can provide yet another line of defense for your Wizard to hide behind. Any enemy reckless enough to ignore both a Cannon and a tower to try to take out a Wizard will not survive for long.


Rocket – This spell should mostly be used defensively in this deck, eliminating tough units that threaten your towers.


Zap – A Zap spell and a Wizard used together can mop up weaker swarming minions with little effort and few elixirs spent. Alternatively, Zap is great for locking down defenders who try to get in the way of your Prince.


Spear Goblins – Spear Goblins are cheap and good at both defense and offense. They are a great card to start the game with, and if you manage to play them alongside both a Wizard and a Prince you will find yourself with an unstoppable killing machine on your hands.




In the early stages of the game, you should get a lot use out of your Wizard and Spear Goblins. Depending on how your opponent reacts, you can either play your Prince and charge right in or regroup behind your towers and start building up your defenses.


This deck has enough offense to get aggressive when necessary, but more often you will win by waiting for your opponent to overcommit to a push. Hold the enemies off with your Wizard, Spear Goblins, and Rocket. Once you build up a significant elixir advantage, you can turn the tables and wrap the game up fairly quickly.